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Who is GRANT?

Who is GRANT?

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Granting Wishes. Granting Mortgage Solutions.

Rodney Mendes is the Founder of the Grant Mortgage Solutions Team. After a stellar career as a successful mortgage specialist with one of Canada's leading chartered banks, he founded the Grant Mortgage Solutions Team in 2008 and has managed a successful team of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (AMP) operating in Alberta and B.C. His knowledge and experience has allowed him to provide clients with the right financial solutions by providing choice, access and flexibility to multiple products and lenders.

At Grant Mortgage Solutions Team, we have developed a unique specialized approach in dealing with a client's mortgage needs. Our team of Mortgage Specialists and Accredited Mortgage Professionals are dedicated to ensuring a smooth process for getting a mortgage approved.

The Grant Mortgage Solutions Team also has strong partnerships with a variety of professional Realtors and Lawyers and Financial Planners that assist our clients in their real estate and financial needs. We strongly support the hiring of a licensed Realtor and experienced Lawyer in any real estate transaction. Their professionalism and knowledge of the local real estate market combined with our expertise in the mortgage industry will ensure that you are fully covered when it comes to owning a home. To find out more how Grant can help you or to be referred to an experienced Realtor or Lawyer, please click HERE.

Our vision is to promote financial growth and stability for our partners and clients by providing lending and credit building solutions with integrity, quality of service and superior industry insight.

Let Grant be your personal guide to making your homeownership dreams a reality.