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A home equity line of credit turns the equity you have
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to meet your financial needs.

Mortgage coming up for renewal? You have the
opportunityto reassess your needs and
determine what is right for you.

Peace of mind is the result of knowing that you've
taken care of the ones you love. A mortgage can be a
large financial responsibility presenting a
need to protect yourself and
your family from unforeseen events.
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At GRANT Mortgage Solutions, we are constantly looking for professional individuals with a strong worth ethic willing to go the extra mile to "wow" our clients. We foster a culture of independence to allow you to confidently offer your clients the best mortgage solutions that suit their needs. We give you the freedom to offer the right mortgage solutions based on your client's goals. We offer a range of competitive compensation structures that will enable you to grow your business and foster a long term relationship with your clients. We take on all of the administration headaches associated with operating a mortgage brokerage and allow you to concentrate on what you do best - providing honest and unbiased mortgage solutions.
If you would like to make a difference in your client's lives and experience a truly unique mortgage brokerage, GRANT would love to have you onboard.
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